Galibelle in YOUR Boutique?

Galibelle in YOUR Boutique?

Gallibelle  is looking for independent fashion boutiques to become stockists for this unique brand of sandal . If your a leader & not a follower we want you !!!!!

Galibelle  designs are from flats to wedges , mid wedges & heels to gorgeous stilettos .  Suiting every age group .

The beauty of these sandals are 

1) The straps are interchangeable which means that outfit you need to wear but it’s impossible to find the right shoes for Galibelle has the answer. With so many choices on our colour palette 

2) The buttons that attach the straps to the sandal  are guaranteed for two years 3) Galibelle has 4 strap sizes . Small , medium, large & extra large . So for tiny feet up to a wider feet we can assist everyone 

4) They are environmentally friendly , great to pack away in small spaces and amazing when travelling , just take your sandal base & numerous straps 

If you can see yourself wanting to try out this great concept , then contact Lynda Brookes at for more information. 

We look forward to a brighter future with you & Galibelle 

If you like the look of these innovative interchangeable shoes Contact Lynda Brookes at