About Us

Galibelle Addiction has been brought to Western Australia by Lynda Brookes when she fell in love with these fabulous shoes in 2018.
Galibelle is a Portuguese brand that brought to life a unique and comfortable ladies shoe. With a creative interchangeable system.First you purchase your soles, you can then purchase separate different straps according to your taste or occasion. Galibelle is changing many concepts in the fashion world.
Our soles and straps are full of colours, and exclusive prime materials, Galibelle is not only a brilliant idea, but also fashionable, comfortable and stylish.
All Galibelle’s shoes and straps are handmade in our factory in Portugal.
Since 2007 Galibelle has been conquering many countries around the world.
Galibelle is passionate about making creative, unique great quality products but we are also passionate about giving back and making sure our products are made ethically.
All our shoes are hand made in a family owned and run factory in Portugual where fair work conditions are upheld.
Now these Innovative and Interchangeable Shoes are available to Western Australians. So if you would like to see them for yourself contact Lynda for a One on One or you can invite your friends around and have fun trying them on at a Showcase in your own home.
Email: baliztik1@hotmail.com