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So you want to be a Galibella?

Do you love shoes?
Are you seeking to work with like minded people?
Do you want to be your own BossBabe, while having fun along the way? Are you a Uni student or a full time Mum?
Or, looking for much needed additional income?

Why Galibella?

The hours are flexible.
All you have to do is introduce your friends to the GalibelleOZ collection, either by booking a One On One or inviting a few friends around for a ShoeShow.
Once your clients see how amazing the concept is they will want a pair for themselves.
This is not a gimmick and it’s defiantly not pyramid selling .
A  FULL BUSINESS KIT  is the way to go if you want to have it all ready at hand to show your clients and your a mover and a shaker. this kit has it all:


3 x Gabriella Soles in Sizes 6, 8 & 10.

3 x DanniSolesinSizes7,9,&10.

2 x SaraSolesinSizes7&9.
2 x Deise Soles in Sizes 8 & 10.


Gabriela Straps

5 x GB01- Green, Nude, Pink, Navy & Orange.

1 x GB28- Satin Floral Green.

1 x GB27- Yellow.

Danni Straps

1 x GV01-Red.
4 x DA10- Orange, Satin Floral Orange, Navy & Nude.

Sara Straps

2 x SR28- Satin Floral Green, Satin Floral Orange.
1 x SR29- Black.

Deise Straps

3 x DE11- Camel, Yellow & Red.

1 x DE24- Orange/Fiesta.

Marketing Support

10 x Large paper totes. 10x Small totes.
6 x Shoe inserts.
6 x Shoe stands.

1 x Square Reader.
20 x Invites, plus PDF to print more.
1 x Catalogue, plus invite to Dropbox for marketing info etc.
1 x BlackCase with wheels & pull handle.

They can be purchased either via AfterPay with 4 easy payments over 4 fortnights then we will post your kit to you OR save and pay a Full Direct Deposit where you will have your kit posted to you straight away.

Launch your business from $610 with THE STARTER KIT
or, get the FULL BUSINESS KIT for $1000
PLUS you will receive a FREE pair for yourself to the value of $150